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Standard and tests
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Declaration of Conformity
  Agabekov© conforms to the European Standards EN 60.598.1 and EN 60.598.2.1 and 60.825-1, class III, IP. These standards cover all aspects of product safety, including electrical, mechanical and thermal specifications. The electrical test on Agabekov© products were carried out by the Swiss Electromechanical Association. Compliance certification ENEC 13 N°95.1 10960. Cenelec Enec Agreement

Product covered: Agabekov© incandescent or LED Fixtures Series: LU1X, LU1S, LU2X, LU2S, LU3X, LU3S, LU4X, LU4CX, LU4S, LU4EX, LT2X, LT2S, LAFX, LAFS, LAVX, LECX, LFX, LRX, LL3, LNN, LLS, LESI, LASY, ELM, LMT, TMT, TMR, TML, LPX, SMEG, LU3RX, LU5RX, LU6, LU6R, LU6X, LU6RX, AML, All Series that end with X maybe followed by -AC. All LED Series end with -AL instead of X, S, or AC. LED only series models LED LINE, LED FLEX, RFLAL and LPAL. Fluorescent series models AGA T5, ARL T5, AML T5, AMLN T5.


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  Saudi Arabian essential requirements have been checked by Intertek. Click to load Arabian Certification in pdf format.