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Lighting simulation facilities
In this section, you can find all the necessaries to be able to make lighting studies.
Agabekov Photometric Data Catalog
All our photometric data types (IES, LDT, LTL, TML) for our lighting fixtures with xenon sources and LED AGA-LED® lighting units that can be used in any 3D simulation software.
Open the AGABEKOV photometric data catalogue
Oxytech Photometric Webcatalog & LITESTAR software

All photometric data of our linear lighting fixtures with xenon sources and LED AGA-LED® are compatible and available for WebCatalog application for all user of LITESTAR Software by OxyTech.

About OxyTech

OxyTech Website

About LITESTAR Software

LITESTAR 10 is a suite of integrated program modules for the management of the lighting design process made up with the following modules:

  • Litecalc - lighting design and calculation (based on the new and powerful method of Photon Mapping which replaces the old Radiosity one), rendering and ray-tracing modules as well as 2D and 3D DXF files interface for the interiors and the exteriors (public areas, sports areas, roads and tunnels)
  • Liswin - operative electronic catalog for luminaires and lamps
  • Lisman - specifications management module
  • Photowin - Photoview - photometry management module
  • Lisdat - catalog data management module

LITESTAR information by OxyTech

LITESTAR & modules tutorial by OxyTech

LITESTAR & modules manual by OxyTech
How to use LITESTAR software and AGABEKOV Webcatalog

Toutes les photométries de nos luminaires linéaires avec sources lumineuses xénon et LED AGA-LED® sont maintenant compatible et disponible en application WebCatalog pour les utilisateurs de LITESTAR Software. Pour toutes informations:

How to use these applications for your lighting simulation (by Agabekov)
View our AGABEKOV Webcatalog for LITESTAR software
About AGABEKOV Webcatalog for LITESTAR software
How to use AGABEKOV Webcatalog